Is there a message for humanity?

Let's Explore This Amazing Coincidence

What Do These Eclipses Mean for Our Planet?

Two Eclipses occur on the two most important dates in the life of Jesus. Both dates are found in The Urantia Revelation.

This site explores the incredible “coincidences” between the eclipses and facts given in The Urantia Revelation.

More importantly, why now and why The Urantia Revelation?

Urantia is the name by which planet earth is known in the universes.  It simply means “Your Place in the Heavens”

Do the eclipses validate The Urantia Revelation and its story of Jesus?

The Beginning of Jesus’ Human Experience

As given in The Urantia Revelation, his birth was August 21st. That is the same date of the 2017 eclipse!    

The End of Jesus’ Human Experience

As given in The Urantia Revelation, the first full day that Jesus lay in the tomb, April 8th, is the date of the 2024 eclipse!

“Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.”

195:9.2 The Urantia Revelation

How Does Humanity Advance?

The Urantia Revelation explains our origin, history, and destiny. A text that also presents comprehensive answers to age-old questions about the nature and personality of God.

The Urantia Book

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